Although hurricanes Are Somewhat predictable, the damage they Could leave behind may not be completely Predictable until it is too late.

Making Landfall

Of course when there is a danger of a hurricane making landfall, those in the affected regions will be made aware that it is on its way. But occasionally, no quantity of warning can prepare you for the aftermath of the storm. The largest cause of damage from a hurricane are the high-force winds. Not only can the powerful winds violate windows and blow off in doorways, but the wind is totally capable of completely leveling a huge structure.

These forces of nature aren’t as predictable and can make a good deal of damage in a brief amount of time. If you are in the direct path of a hurricane of any size, chances are that your home or business will experience some form of wind or water damage in Tampa.

Be Prepared

Prior to a storm, there are some simple measures which may help lessen the damage. If you live in an area that’s prone to hurricanes, investing in shutters might be a good option. You can install detachable ones which it is possible to remove when it is not hurricane season.

If shutters cannot be installed, installing plywood over windows and glass doors is a workable, temporary option which will help deter critical wind damage. Boarding these over your windows and glass doors will certainly reduce wind damage and will keep flying debris from your breakable windows.

Impact Resistant Glass

Additionally, installing impact-resistant glass may lower the danger of severe damage during a hurricane. The impact resistant doors and windows are made with a more durable frame and the glass is protected against wind damage and flying debris. The impact-resistant windows and windows could be cracked, but they will remain intact and not shatter.

Up to Code

There are particular strategies to safeguard yourself, house, or business during a strong storm. Over time, these codes have led to the building of more powerful buildings that could withstand hurricane force winds. These construction codes also help the danger of flood.

Making sure that your home or business is up to date on the coding will help ensure less damage from hurricanes. With appropriate construction and layout, the real danger of hurricane damage may be minimized.

Flooding at a Hurricane

When a window breaks along with a tree branch crashes through your roof, the next thing that you need to be worried about is flooding resulting from the rancid, steady rain. The storm surge and inland flooding can be equally as detrimental as the high winds. The flood waters can completely destroy a construction within a brief matter of time.

Additionally, with only minor storm damage, rain or storm surge can leak in the house and cause additional water damage. As mentioned earlier, the best way to handle flood damage would be to find it fast.

Frequently with hurricanes, you might be without power or a couple of days or maybe weeks. You can also have been evacuated and will not be able to return home for a while. As soon as you can return home, immediately start to estimate the damage because you will need time on your side.

If your residential or commercial property sustains hurricane damage, give Restoration Brothers Tampa a call today!

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